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Dr. Geetha Pinto Won the R.I.S.E. Award at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital for her adherence to the five core values to achieve superior patient experience and health outcome.
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A website devoted to exercise, nutrition, wellness, inspiration, LIFE! Two years ago, my friend and physician, Dr. Thu Tran, invited me to her house for a group fitness session with a few other physicians. There was an easy mix of intellectual discussion, physical challenge and emotional support that we could never have imagined or designed purposely. When one woman had a medical crisis in her family, she sent out a group email, and within minutes had a dozen responses, with offers from members to make calls to local experts to set up appointments. ...

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For some of us, the 'endorphin high' we get from exercising is all we need ...
This is definitely one of those topics that only gets more confusing ...
We live in an era of maybe “too much" medical information. As most ...
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 Tran, MD
Thu spent the first fourteen years of her life in South Vietnam ...
 Seidelman, MD
Marsha was raised in the Bronx and Queens, then went upstate ...
 Yau, MD
A native of Indiana, Linda spent her childhood years moving ...
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