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 Tran, MD
Thu spent the first fourteen years of her life in South Vietnam where she ...
 Seidelman, MD
Marsha was raised in the Bronx and Queens and was the valedictorian of ...
 Yau, MD
A native of Indiana, Linda spent her childhood years moving around the ...
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Welcome to Lady Docs Corner Cafe
A website devoted to exercise, nutrition, wellness, inspiration, LIFE! Two years ago, my friend and physician, Dr. Thu Tran, invited me to her house for a group fitness session with a few other physicians. She wanted to introduce us to her trainer, Troy Wentzlaff, who helped her advance from runner to marathoner to triathlete. With Thu and Troy at the helm, the weekly outdoor bootcamp grew to include about 25 women, most of whom are physicians, and others who are dentists, orthodontists, professors and other professionals. We all know exercise is good for us, but this bootcamp offers up more than just well-designed workouts. There is an easy mix of intellectual discussion, physical challenge and emotional support that we could never ...

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For some of us, the 'endorphin high' we get from exercising is all we need ...


This is definitely one of those topics that only gets more confusing ...


More than twenty years ago I was living in Baltimore during my OBGYN residency. ...

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Perspective in Times of Turmoil

I thought the last three weeks were horrendous at work. I had little time to exercise except for the weekends that I was not on call. I skipped lunch ...

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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day to You, those who still have fathers and those who are fathers themselves. My father, as you know, is 92 years old. He’s ...

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Marital Harmony Restored - Musings on a Smart Toilet

Recently in the WSJ there was an article referencing the popularity of the “smart” toilet AKA the Toto Washlet. Since I am a gastroenterologist, ...

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