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Pregnancy: Some Reflections as Delivery Draws Near

written by Rebecca Mahayag, LCSW-C
on Wednesday, 7th August ,2013

I am not sure how relevant this topic is to the blog as I have no professional information to impart.  However, as I am going in to the hospital tomorrow to give birth to my second child, I am feeling reflective.  

There have been several “high profile" deliveries in the past few weeks – Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson and of course, Princess Kate.  I feel that these pregnancies and delivery stories are very romanticized and not terribly accurate.  I think that as these women allow the press to exaggerate the “truth” of birth it can cause women to feel badly about themselves, wondering why they didn’t have a similar stress-free experience.  I am lucky to have friends around me who are real – we discuss all kinds of things – cankles, need for Colace, no sleep, challenges of a toddler while awaiting a newborn.

I have found myself over the past week likening my pregnancy to a triathlon.  Before children I used to participate in these crazy events of swim, bike, run, for fun!  It always seemed like an amazing idea at the beginning – hence resulting in my signing up.  However, upon arrival to the event location on race day, I would be in the transition area setting up my gear and getting in line to head to the swim start thinking, “This seemed like such a better idea in my head months ago.”  Of course, once in the water, I relaxed and remembered why I signed up: I LOVE IT!  I love the challenge and I love the sense of accomplishment at the end.  

One of my docs said to me today, “get sleep tonight.  Tomorrow is a marathon.”  So I’ve been treating today like the day before a race; carb loading, getting my stuff together and trying to rest my mind.  I have been successful at the first two – including eating the same meal that I had the night before my first child was born – and before every race.  Call it superstition, call it what you want, it works for me!  However, trying to rest my mind is another thing. . . . 

Throughout this pregnancy I have hit many “walls,” as you do in a race.  I have been extremely fortunate to have had an outstanding cheering section, comprised of friends, family and an AMAZING medical team, some of whom I also call friends.  I have been extremely fortunate to have had so much support around me.  I know that tomorrow when I show up to the waiting room, the equivalent of the hospital’s transition area, I will be nervous and given how many personal health issues I've had the past few month, I might wonder if this was such a good idea.  But I also know that tomorrow evening, I will feel overjoyed and amazed as I gaze down at the newest addition to my family!  THANK YOU LADY DOCS and TROY for all of your support!

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