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Lady Docs Corner Cafe Blog - May 2014

The Pearl that Broke Its Shell, A Reflection from author Dr. Nadia Hashimi
written by Nadia Hashimi, M.D.
on Friday, 23rd May, 2014

On May 6th of this year, I walked into our local Barnes & Noble with my husband and our two children.  We had to see it to believe it.  The novel I’d written three years ago was sitting front and center on the “New Release” table – touchable and very real.    “Mommy, there’s your book,” my son noted casually before running off to the children’s section, ...

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"Sayar" is Doctor and Teacher
written by Mylene Huynh, M.D., MPH
on Tuesday, 20th May, 2014

  We started our medical mission in Myanmar at Sao Sun Tun Hospital, a 500-bed government run facility in Taunggyi, located 15-hour bus ride from Yangon. Dr. Po Po No, a young physician in training was assigned as my interpreter. In attempt to learn a few words, I asked Dr. Po to tell me the Burmese word for “doctor.”  She responded "sayar" and quickly added “sayar ...

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Andropause: Truth, Fiction, or Both? A lecture from the American College of Physicians (ACP) Annual Meeting 2014
written by Linda Yau, M.D., F.A.C.P.
on Tuesday, 13th May, 2014

Much controversy surrounds the concept of a possible male menopause.  Dr. Kristen Gill Hairston, an associate professor in endocrinology from Wake Forest School of Medicine gave an excellent summary of the symptoms of low testosterone, medical evaluation and possible treatments at the ACP (American College of Physicians) annual meeting.  She cautions that only patients who ...

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Happy Mother's Day!
written by Thu Tran, MD,FACOG
on Sunday, 11th May, 2014

*Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and all those who still have a mother! I hope we will all take a moment to think about the mothers of the 267 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped in such a violent way and have not been found.  There will continue to be so much sorrow and many broken hearts around the world until they are returned to their loving homes.  We can ...

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Fighting Social Injustice -- Two Different Pathways
written by Thu Tran, MD,FACOG
on Friday, 9th May, 2014

  YES, dear readers, Dr. Nadia Hashimi, one of our LadyDocsCornerCafe bloggers, is officially a published author as her first novel (*When the Pearl Broke its Shell*) was released May 6 by Harper Collins.  See the attached photo of Nadia holding her novel in a local B&N store!  We are so happy for you and so proud to be in your company, Nadia!  I bet you will be another ...

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Back Home From Myanmar
written by Thu Tran, MD,FACOG
on Thursday, 8th May, 2014

I came back to work on Monday morning 4/14, still jet-lagged from the trip.  My staff was so happy to see me.  Everyone was worried about me being sick or being “stuck” in Myanmar.  They were fascinated by the tales I told or by the photos I took.  Some of my staff have never been out of the United States even to Canada, let alone Myanmar.  They all thought the photos ...

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A Day in Bagan and Last Day in Myanmar 4/11-12/14
written by Thu Tran, MD,FACOG
on Wednesday, 7th May, 2014

Before dawn, we climbed the steep steps to the Shwesan Daw temple.  It was supposed to be the spot to be in Bagan to see the sunrise.  At the top of the steps, I walked around to look at the grounds surrounding the temple.  Even in the dark, I could see numerous temples around Shwesan Daw.   The sunrise was not majestic, because the sun was hidden behind the clouds.  ...

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Coffee - More Anti-Oxidants To Go With My Chocolate
written by Serrin Gantt, M.D.
on Monday, 5th May, 2014

For those of you who read my blog on chocolate, you may be starting to wonder about my dietary habits. Coffee and chocolate are daily staples and I suspect that I am getting a hefty amount of caffeine per day. My dark chocolate habit, albeit moderate, likely results in 10 mg of caffeine being ingested. (A bar has about 30 mg of caffeine.) However, my Starbucks addiction multiplies ...

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Trekking to Myanmar's Clinics: Diary of a Medical Missionary -- Leaving for Bagan 4/10/14
written by Thu Tran, MD,FACOG
on Saturday, 3rd May, 2014

Mylène and I woke up early this morning to run for the last time in Naypyidaw.  We weren’t even tired from the late dinner last night hosted by the Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association.  We dined on an eight course meal with some exotic dishes like Chicken and Jelly fish salad, and Braised “Pig Hand” with Brown Sauce, similar to the soft pork I had in Chengdu, ...

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Trekking to Myanmar's Clinics: Diary of a Medical Missionary -- The Last Outreach Clinic 04/08/14
written by Thu Tran, MD,FACOG
on Friday, 2nd May, 2014

Today we were so happy to go to an outreach clinic about an hour away from the Amara hotel.  The roads took us to the countryside full of tiny grass huts and Myanmar’s typical red dirt.  The skinny buffaloes were working hard in the field.  Every living thing in Myanmar seems to be so skinny, from the people to the dogs to the buffalos, and even the bean sprouts used for ...

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