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Helping Others - Tips Related to Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month
written by Julie Bindeman, PsyD
on Thursday, 3rd October, 2019

It seems that every cause has a day, week or month to bring awareness and that we can be inundated with these messages. With that in mind, this post is about an issue that most people don’t talk much about or know how to respond to: pregnancy and infant loss. October signifies the awareness of these kinds of losses with October 15th being the “Day of Light” where at ...

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October 15 - National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness
written by Julie Bindeman, PsyD
on Wednesday, 14th October, 2015

It’s an American norm to name days and months after selected causes. The purpose can vary: to build awareness, bring attention to, or to give words to something that is likely unspoken. October is designated for a number of causes, including National Domestic Abuse Awareness, Eczema Awareness, National Breast Cancer Awareness, and one that we rarely speak about, National ...

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Time For a Conversation About Mental Health
written by Julie Bindeman, PsyD
on Sunday, 29th March, 2015

Once again, the nation is engaging in a much-needed conversation about mental health. Tragedies provide a ripeness for this dialogue to begin after its hiatus. For those who have never experienced the pain of mental illness, it can seem unimaginable that a person would deliberately crash a plane, or drown their children, or any one of the senseless acts that humans can inflict ...

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Helping Others - Tips Related to Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month
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